The children at our school come from an ever increasing range of backgrounds and experiences and our willingness to provide a wonderful learning experience to all our learners is the driving force behind all areas of our curriculum. All school stakeholders have a shared vision for our curriculum and together we strive to meet the needs of all of our learners.

We ensure that all of our learning has 4 central threads which encourage our learners to be ready for the world ahead…..




We want to prepare our children for the future by enabling them to acquire knowledge whilst developing skills and understanding. This means that we make cross curricular links, where meaningful and possible, so that children can develop transferable skills. These skills can then be used in any subject.

Our curriculum is text based, using a high quality book or text as a stimulus or starting point. This helps our children to see the links between language, reading and writing and develops their vocabulary to support wider learning. We believe that this approach helps to address some of the typical gaps in learning for our children.

If possible and useful Maths will be connected to the theme and will often focus on problem solving. We encourage children to think for themselves, to discuss ideas and to use reasoning when justifying their ideas.

Many of our themes start with a “Wow” to hook the children in and will work towards a purposeful outcome for our children and families to enjoy. We want to celebrate learning whilst giving the children lifelong learning behaviours such as pride, team work and resilience. We will aim to have a visit, visitor, career link or current affairs link so that children can link their learning to the real world and develop aspirations for the future.


At Belbroughton, statutory requirements are fulfilled and in addition to this our Belbroughton Curriculum ensures that opportunities are broad and balanced and fit for purpose so that the children can understand, appreciate and succeed as a citizen of modern Britain.

We believe that this shared vision for the curriculum plays a crucial part in helping our children to not just open the door to the future but to walk through it confidently and proudly.