Partial school closure due to National Lockdown

Following the announcement this evening, we are unfortunately going to be moving to Remote learning as of tomorrow morning (5.1.21) Please read the information below;

  • If you are a Key worker and have no way of keeping your child at home, they will be given a place in school from tomorrow. Please inform us of this via the Parentmail form sent out earlier or via the office email address immediately. As you know, we have limited space and staff and we need to plan to ensure that we can offer all children at home and at school equal access to quality education. Please also let us know if you need wraparound care. Please only use this place if absolutely necessary. Key worker children should arrive through their normal entrance at their normal time tomorrow.
  • Home learning will be uploaded to the Google Classroom for all children for tomorrow. This will be based on the learning that they would have completed in school. Key Worker children will also complete this work.
  • From Wednesday, we will move to our Remote Learning Policy and children will receive a daily timetable of home learning including Maths and English and they will have daily live contact with their teachers via Google Classroom. We will inform you tomorrow exactly how this will work once we know how many Key worker children we will have in school.
  • If your child receives Free Schools Meals, we will contact you as soon as we are able with details of how this will be provided. If your child is in school tomorrow, please send them with a packed lunch while we contact the catering company and arrange how we are doing school dinners through lockdown.

We will contact you again soon with further details.

Thank you once again for your support and understanding. If you have any concerns or need any support tomorrow please email the class teachers on the class email addresses or contact the school office via